About Locatechs

Locatechs is a Dutch company specialized in designing and developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for site safety and vehicle management.

Following the recent advancement in wireless technology and data science, Locatechs delivers two major products to improve safety and efficiency in industrial workplaces and warehouses:

LocaSafean easy-to-use and cost-efficient proximity warning system to prevent collisions. 
LocaVMS: a versatile software package to analyse and manage vehicle operations.

Locatechs also provides design services helping customers to solve their specific problems with the power of IoT. 

Use Cases

Pedestrians detection:

The Base Station installed on the forklift switched on the alarm light even when the pedestrian was not visible to the forklift driver. The safety tag worn by pedestrians vibrated at the same time to give him notification as well.

Light sentry:

When the vehicle came close, the alarm light attached to the column turned on to notify pedestrians or other vehicles about the approaching vehicle.