LocaVMS Vehicle Management System

LocaVMS is a all-in-one software service delivering important facts and relevant information about vehicle operations in your facility.

LocaVMS analyzes and visualizes the data received from the Vehicle Data Recorder. Because of the modular design, the Manager can be easily configured to suits each customer’s unique needs.

Vehicle Data Recorder

  • Allow driver to login with RFID card
  • Monitor seat belt status, vehicle can only move after driver login and seat belt is fastened
  • Voice notification for different situations (configurable) 
  • Record proximity data from Anchor
  • Record vehicle operation data (speed, direction, seat belt status, driver …), keep data for 6 month
  • Record dangerous event: exceed speed limit, sudden acceleration/deceleration, near miss collision
  • Automatically upload data to LocaVMS platform using Wi-Fi

Cloud Based Data Analysis Engine